Jennifer Garrett Preferred Property Management

Columbia, South Carolina 0 comments

We are within weeks of moving to VA form SC.We had not heard much from this company telling us about our application.

Finally, today, I give them a deadline on a house we have been trying to rent. I told them by 5 today we need an answer. We are moving in a few weeks, I mean come on. We never talked much to Jennifer Garret.

She put everything off on her assistant who was pleasant enough. Anyway today I give them a deadline and with 30 minutes hey tell us our application was not chosen. We were told no one else was interested in the house they even had us send the deposit check. We have children and a dog and huge house of stuff that has to be moved.

I believe they lied to us to get us off their backs because they didn't want to do their jobs. It's funny how we could barely get a hold of them and the day I give them a deadline we are rejected. hey also could not tell us why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way my husband was Marine Corp and received a purple heart for the Iraqi war.It's amazing how people treat military even still!!!

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